PE Woven Plastic Polypropylene Sacks Bags

PE Woven Plastic Polypropylene Sacks Bags
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100 % Raw Material PE Woven Plastic Polypropylene Sacks Bags

Poly woven fabric is based onPolypropylene and Polythene flat wire as raw material. It is composed of two parallel sets of yarns. One group is the loom set of longitudinal, it is called wrap. The other group is vertical layout, and it is called weft. Using different weaving equipment and processes for the preparation of warp and weft intertwine into fabric. According to different range of application to knitting different thickness and compactness. The poly woven fabric is thin, and horizontal and vertical have quite strong tensile strength and super stability. It can keep strength and elongation whether the condition is wet or dry. Poly woven fabric is also called Spinning geotextile, Woven geotextile.


PP woven Bag is used for packing rice, flour, sugar, salt, animal feed, asbestos, fertilizer, sand, cement and so on

Features of pp woven bags

·100% virgin polypropylene material;

·PP woven bags are strong, puncture & tear resistant, better than paper bags;

·PP woven bags are resistant to moisture if we do twisted yarn,

·PP woven bags are 100% recyclable, that is to say, they can be used many times;

·High gloss & matte finishes available;

·With drawstring or without;

·UV treated or non-UV treated;

·Roto-gravure reverse printing;

·Used widely for any lines