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Waterproof PE Breathable Film

Jul 26, 2017

                Waterproof breathable membrane is a new type of polymer through-steam waterproof material. From the production process, the technical requirements of waterproof membrane is much higher than the general waterproof material, at the same time, in terms of quality, waterproof breathable membrane also has other waterproof materials do not have the functional features. While the waterproof breathable membrane strengthens the building air tightness and water tightness, its unique steam-turbine performance, can make the structure of the internal water vapor quickly discharged, to avoid the structure of breeding mold, the protection of property value, and the perfect solution to moisture and human health; The rapid discharge of water vapor, protection and maintenance of structural thermal performance, is a healthy and environmentally friendly new energy-saving materials.PE Breathable Film

                The general waterproof breathable membrane used breathable film is through the micro-pore principle, the construction process easy to wear the micro-hole plugging, resulting in the inability to breathe or a large pore caused by leakage of material, is the material to lose its own breathable, waterproof function. Dike waterproof breathable membrane, in the polymer through the steam film added hydrophilic, water droplets through hydrophilic characteristics to make it impossible to penetrate and moisture can be freely through, to ensure that the product itself through the steam-proof performance of the stability and durability of service life.PE Breathable Film

                Magical waterproof breathable waterproof membrane in the enhancement of air tightness, water tightness at the same time, its unique breathable performance, the electronic structure of the internal moisture quickly discharged, to protect the performance of electronic products, so as to truly reduce the loss of electronic components. At the same time to avoid unnecessary costs, and the perfect solution to waterproof, breathable, sound-proof environmental protection new energy-saving materials.

               The fourth generation, EPTFE (PTFE) is the latest generation of waterproof breathable materials, the world's first-class plants are used in this kind of materials, combined with their own company's research and development of composite processing technology to develop a variety of different brands of EPTFE composite fabric, its waterproof and breathability is the most outstanding today. Outstanding performance in the international market is mainly: Tex (American Gore Company Development, open to the global outdoor supplies company selection), Omni-tech (the United States Columbia Company Development, only for its own brand use), First-tex (the United States FBA International Group development, only in the designated brand use), Texpore (German Jackwolfskin company Development, Only for its own brand use) and other international famous materials or well-known outdoor brand company exclusive development of professional waterproof breathable material. Domestic use of EPTFE materials produced waterproof breathable materials have zhitn-tex and so on.PE Breathable Film