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Waterproof Breathable Membrane Definition And Brand Classification

Jun 16, 2017

    Waterproof breathable film (breath paper) is a new type of polymer waterproof material. From the production process, the technical requirements of waterproof breathable film than the general high waterproof material; at the same time from the quality point of view, waterproof breathable film also has other waterproof materials do not have the functional characteristics.Waterproof Breathable   Waterproof breathable film in the construction field is mainly used in steel structure, wood structure, the domestic market is chaotic, through the network to promote the brand most do not have the ability to produce waterproof membrane, but the use of non-woven and glue a simple compound counterfeit Shoddy products. Formal brand recommendations reference to the national standard design Atlas 06J925-2 "pressure plate, sandwich panel roof and wall construction structure (two)".

Waterproof membrane works: water vapor in the state, the water particles are very small, according to the principle of capillary movement, you can successfully penetrate the capillary to the other side, resulting in the phenomenon of vapor. When the water vapor condensed into water droplets, the particles become larger, due to the role of the surface tension of water droplets (water molecules between each other "pull contend"), water molecules can not smoothly from the water droplets penetrate to the other side, that is, to prevent the Water penetration occurs, so that the membrane has a waterproof function.Waterproof Breathable   Waterproof breathable membrane technology is the first to start from the introduction of European and American countries, but the domestic production of various products, various manufacturers of product quality uneven, failed to form a unified quality standards. In fact, waterproof breathable film is mainly composed of three layers: PP spunbond non-woven fabrics, PE polymer breathable film, PP spunbond non-woven fabrics. Spunbond non-woven fabric is mainly to enhance the role of tensile and hydrostatic pressure and the protection of the middle layer (breathable film), the real permeability is mainly by the middle layer of PE polymer breathable film.Waterproof Breathable 

    The price of waterproof breathable film is mainly raw materials, production technology, equipment investment costs. At present, some domestic manufacturers said that waterproof breathable membrane is a subsidiary material, the cost is very low, the price is low, not higher than the cotton and other materials. This is nonsense. This statement is purely in the harm to consumers, misleading consumers. Because these manufacturers do not grasp the waterproof breathable membrane production process, they use a very simple Laminating non-woven or hot melt adhesive spray non-woven fabric equipment, the production of fake and shoddy waterproof breathable film, misleading misleading consumers , In order to achieve ulterior motives.