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Thermal Heat Insulation Materials

Aug 10, 2017

              Buildings used in a wide variety of thermal insulation materials, which use the most common thermal insulation, inorganic material has expanded perlite, aerated concrete, rock wool, glass wool, organic materials such as polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam and so on. The thermal insulation efficiency of these materials is mainly determined by the high and low heat conduction properties of the material (its index is thermal conductivity). The more difficult the heat conduction of the material (that is, the smaller the thermal conductivity), the better the thermal insulation performance. Generally speaking, the common characteristics of thermal insulation materials is light, loose, porous or fibrous, with its internal flow of air to block heat conduction. Inorganic materials have the characteristics of non-flammable, wide use temperature and good chemical resistance, organic materials have higher strength, lower water absorption rate and better quality.Heat Insulation Materials

              In the above-mentioned thermal insulation materials, expanded perlite, rock wool, glass wool, polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam and other materials are relatively small thermal conductivity, although there are differences, but the difference is not very large, are highly efficient thermal insulation materials, but no load-bearing function; The thermal insulation performance of aerated concrete is better than that of clay bricks and ordinary concrete, but less than the above-mentioned high efficiency insulating materials. Because aerated concrete is cement, lime, quartz sand, fly ash, slag and foaming agent aluminum powder, through high-pressure or atmospheric distillation made, density, dry bulk weight of about 300-700 kilograms per cubic metre, can use industrial waste, have a certain load-bearing capacity, can masonry single wall, and have insulation and load-bearing role.Heat Insulation Materials

             In addition, there is a kind of aluminum foil insulation material, the department with the aluminum foil and Kraft paper bonding, and corrugated composite made of sheet, can also be made of polyvinyl chloride sheet aluminum molding, multi-layer settings, as sandwich wall or roofing, light, moisture, heat preservation, cooling performance is good.Heat Insulation Materials