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Our Main Products

Nov 24, 2017

Our Main products:

film or aluminum foil lamination

roofing materials ,waterproof and breathable roofing membrane, flooring underlay

Aluminum foil coated with Nonwoven or PE woven fabric or kraft paper or others

Aluminum foil coated with foam (or bubble)

Features: good tearing strength, waterproof, good breathability , soft handle, heat insulation, Antistatic , UV resistant

Excellent performance breather membrane

Breathable underlay for roofing, also widely applied in medical

Eco-friendly to be completely recyclable.

Weight: From 30gsm to 400gsm

Max Width: non-breathable or low breathable products by extrusion  2.1m

               High breathable products by hot melt   1.8m

               Calender bonded products by thermal   1.6m

Others as buyers requirements

And they have been exported to many countries, such as New Zealand, Australia ,Malaysia,Japan, Ukraine, Latvia, Slovenia, Italy( Freudenberg Politex Group), UK, Germany, Greece and so on!

For more details,please review our website: www.hekway.com