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Notification To Customer

Sep 18, 2017

Recently, many illegal companies and individuals have appeared on the market. Counterfeit our building waterproof material and forge our quality certificate. Please purchase our building waterproof materials, ask for our company seal or quality inspection card, test report original. All the products manufactured by the company must be stamped with the official seal. Proof of waterproof material and certificate, telephone number: 13813799788

At present, there is a company has not yet registered, without production equipment, forged our quality certification documents, the sale of so-called waterproof breathable membrane, used in Hunan, Changsha, Shanghai Volkswagen supporting industrial park workshop. Nantong Haian County Bureau of quality supervision has been law enforcement, inspection and punishment. At present, our company is cooperating with the public security organs of Nantong Lipeng new material limited company suspected of producing and selling fake and shoddy products, further investigation and evidence collection, investigation and evidence collection after the end of treatment according to the relevant laws and regulations, the parties constitute a crime will be held criminally responsible according to law. We apologize for the inconvenience and impact this has caused to our customers. My company will promptly announce the results of all parties to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of users, and maintain fair and standard market order.