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Nonwoven Factors Affecting Growth

Jan 19, 2017

All the factors that influence the growth of synthetic fibers are more or less with a synthetic fiber as raw material for textiles has a certain impact, maximum effect on non-woven textiles. Effect of population growth on non-woven smaller than other textiles for apparel. But if you take into account the non-woven fabrics in the important application of baby diapers, population growth is also an important factor. Natural fiber parts be replaced greater impact on textile, but have little effect on non-woven, because the non-woven production largely depend on man-made fibers.

Man-made fibers in business development and professional application of non-woven fabric: due to the establishment of international economic treaties, micro-fiber, compound fiber, biodegradable fibers and trading access to the growth of new polyester fiber. This is a powerful non-woven, but had little effect on apparel and knitted textiles. Instead of textiles and other goods: This includes non-woven textiles, knitted textiles, foam, wood, leather and other plastic films, polyurea replaced. This is required by the products with cost and performance requirements. Introduction of new, more economical, more efficient production processes: which is made from polymer of various items, competitive new nonwoven applications and the introduction of special fibers and non-woven textile additives.