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Nonwoven Fabric Bag

Jul 26, 2017

             Laminated Non-woven fabric, the fiber diameter 7~20μm of the thermoplastic synthesis of long fiber for the upper and lower layer, the fiber diameter 5μm below the thermoplastic synthesis of micro-fiber as the middle layer, each of the layers through the compression to form integration, it is characterized in that the micro-fiber with more than 0.36 entry index into the long fiber layer of the at least one side, the long fiber combination, embedding or interwoven and mixed formation of the structure, its laminated Non-woven fabric unit area weight of 10~250g/m2 below, volume density of 0.20g/ cm3 above. The spunbonded laminated nonwoven fabric of the invention has the durability of a fine fiber layer without a textile structure, and has a variety of filtration and blocking functions, and its tensile strength is far better than that of spunbonded nonwoven fabric.Nonwoven Fabric

            This series of products rich color, bright, stylish, rich style, wide range of environmental protection uses, beautiful and generous, patterns and styles vary, and light environmental protection, easy to carry, low price, service life than paper bags long, non-woven bags can be recycled, is recognized as the protection of the Earth's ecological environment products.

Non-woven fabric is the main ingredient is pp (polypropylene), Fabric has a variety of colors for customers to choose, bag size, thickness, style can be specified by the customer. Non-woven bag is recyclable reusable products, compared to plastic bags to use more chances, in fact, in terms of raw materials, it does not have the biodegradability and decomposition.Nonwoven Fabric

            Economic effect: from the plastic bag out of the market, Non-woven bags into the consumer market. As a result of non-woven environmental bags can be printed on a variety of patterns, therefore, can be printed on the above some ads, both beautiful and to the business to play the invisible advertising, not only save the cost of advertising, but also played a huge publicity role. Firmness: Usually used in the general plastic bag weight is very small, easy to damage. There is a non-woven bag of environmental protection after a good solution to the problem. Non-woven cloth environmental protection bag toughness is very strong, with waterproof, feel good characteristics. A Non-woven reusable bag can be used to reach hundreds of plastic bags.Nonwoven Fabric