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Non-woven Fabrics Mainly Products

Jan 19, 2017

Non-woven hand is made of non-woven hand (pictured to the right is made of non-woven), more and more enthusiasts join the non-woven hand-made by hand because:

1. Special non-woven material, thick and hard than cloth, cotton dropped does not appear, and so on, when sewing easy.

2. Non-woven out of something lovely realistic, gift-giving can be expressed.

3. Non-woven in different colors, you can design a variety of patterns, non-woven, non-woven fabric cake, non-woven, non-woven fabric bag dolls ... ... Can be made through our hands.

4. Difference between domestic and imported fabrics are not weaving cloth, domestic fabric is thin, soft and easy to fluff, imports relatively thick cloth, plain, square, has a good feel, handmade is more ideal.

Disposable items

Medical nonwovens products is the use of chemical fibers including polyester, polyamide, Teflon (PTFE), pp and medical textiles made of carbon fiber and glass fiber. Include disposable masks, protective clothes, surgical clothing, scrubs, lab coats, nurse CAP, surgical caps, doctor CAP, surgical kits, and lying-in women bags, first aid kits, diapers, pillow cases, bed sheets, quilt cover, shoe covers, disposable medical consumables. Compared to traditional cotton woven textiles for medical use, nonwoven fabrics for medical use has on bacteria, dust filter high, disinfection and sterilization of surgical infection rate is low, convenient, easily combined with other materials and so on. Medical nonwovens products as disposable and disposable supplies, using not only convenience, safety and health, but also can prevent bacterial infections and iatrogenic cross infection. In our country, for medical and health industry investment has amounted to billions of Yuan, which supplies and materials about health of 64 billion yuan, and diversified development.