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Multilayer Composite Performance Diversification

Aug 10, 2017

                At present, the market for packaging requirements is towards a diversified, personalized direction. Packaging and packaging material requirements are different, the form of packaging is also different, so customers need to be able to fully suit their packaging requirements of packaging materials, to avoid unnecessary excess quality and excess functionality. Each customer's different requirements, the design of different packaging materials to meet customer demand, more and more favored by customers, the selection of coextrusion composite substrate to increase the structure of composite film materials, the breadth and concentration.Multilayer Composite

                It is essential to fully understand the special requirements of packaging, including the use of packaging, the form of packaging, the selection of suitable raw materials, the formulation of the appropriate formula, and the formation of the best manufacturing cost. The packaging materials mainly from the following aspects of the comprehensive analysis, and ultimately to determine the selection of raw materials and formulations:

                1. Physical properties (tensile strength, impact strength, breaking elongation), mainly from the resin melting index and molecular weight distribution selection. 2. Optical properties (gloss, transparency), mainly from the molecular weight of the resin, crystallization and forming process to choose. 3. The surface friction coefficient is selected from the type and content of the resin opening agent and the slip agent. 4. Heat sealing Performance (thermal seal strength, sealing temperature, heat sealing temperature range, thermal bonding strength) 5. Film Shan degree. Only the above performance can meet customer requirements and can form mass production, are the best formula, is a more suitable packaging materials.Multilayer Composite

               The application of layer coextrusion heat base material will make the technology level of the composite film in our country to a new step, bring more profit space for the use of the factory and the products with individuation difference, increase the competitive power of the enterprise in the market. My company in Multi-layer coextrusion Composite film has accumulated many years of production experience, the main products have three-layer coextrusion modified heat-sealed composite base material, five-layer coextrusion high barrier composite film. We sincerely hope that with the industry's wide range of people to communicate, and constantly improve the quality of composite packaging materials, so that China's plastic soft packaging materials to catch up with international standards as soon as possible.Multilayer Composite