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Methods And Preventive Measures Of Vapor Barrier

Jun 29, 2017

   A layer of material that is provided to prevent moisture in the soil below the ground from entering a brick wall. Moistureproof Layer Construction Scheme: Dike diaphragm + insulation layer Pedike waterproof breathable membrane. The Dike diaphragm slows down the indoor water vapor to the insulation layer discharge speed, and effectively prevents the formation of condensation, so that the waterproof membrane can effectively release the insulation layer of steam, protect the structure of thermal performance, so as to achieve the purpose of saving energy.Vapor Barrier
   The basic moistureproof layer approach has four kinds: (1) Wiping 20mm thick 1:2 cement mortar (with appropriate amount of waterproof agent), (2) M10 cement mortar Two brick three seam, (3) 60mm thick C15 or C20 concrete ring beam, (4) Erase 10mm thick 1:2. 5 cement mortar, spread waterproof roll. Reason analysis: (1) The failure of Moistureproof layer is not the quality problem found at that time or in the short term, therefore, the construction quality is easy to be neglected. If the construction of mortar mixing often occurred, will be the foundation of the remaining mortar used as damp-proof mortar, or in the masonry mortar at random add some cement, these are not up to the moisture-proof mortar matching requirements. (2) before the construction of Moistureproof layer, the base surface is not cleaned, not watered or watered enough, affecting moisture-proof mortar and the bonding of the base surface. The operation of the surface pressure is not real, poor maintenance, so that the moisture layer due to early dehydration, strength and compactness is not up to the requirements, or cracks. (3) The damp-proof layer in winter construction is due to frost failure.Vapor Barrier
  Prevention and control measures: (1) damp-proof layer should be regarded as an independent hidden project, the whole Building Foundation works after completion of operation, construction as far as possible not to stay or less stay construction seam. (2) damp-proof layer below the three-storey brick requirements full of crowded, horizontal, vertical gray seam mortar should be full, 240mm wall moisture layer of the top brick, should be used full ding method. (3) Moisture-proof layer construction should be arranged in the foundation of the heart soil backfill, to avoid the soil fill when the damage to the moisture layer. (4) If the design of Moistureproof layer practice does not make specific provisions, it is advisable to use 20mm thickness 1:2. 5 Cement mortar mixed with a proper amount of waterproof agent.Vapor Barrier