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Maintenance Of The Non-woven Fabric

Jan 19, 2017

Non-woven fabrics in the collection and maintenance of the following points should be noted:

1, in order to maintain a clean, regular wash, prevents worms breeding.


2, when storing, washing, ironing, dry plastic bag storage, flat inside a wardrobe. Note the shading to prevent fading. Should be regularly ventilated, dust to wet, not exposure. Inside a wardrobe in the mould and moth tablets, avoid cashmere damp mildew disease.

3, when worn with matching coat lined in smooth, hard objects such as pens, bogey in his pocket key case, cell phones, etc, so as to avoid local friction ball. When wearing outside to minimize friction with hard objects (such as the back of the sofa, armrest, desktop) and hook. In a time not too long, about 5 days to stop wear or dress, which restored the clothes stretch to avoid fatigue damage for fiber.

4, if the ball, not strained, use scissors to cut the ball to, so beyond repair due to off-line.