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High-tech Development Technology Film Coat Mobile Phone Perfect Fit

Aug 08, 2018

Simple super - sensory mobile waterproof membrane in the technical requirements are very high. Whether it can be perfectly integrated with the fuselage, and whether it will affect the reading is a key issue. In billion wealth (Beijing) technology co., LTD. (www.cgj88.com merchants tel: 400-825-2288) as an example, the company based on the research and development of American space technology, using high-tech nano materials, by vacuum coating, electroplating of the processed mobile phones waterproof membrane and the perfect joint, the seamless connection to ensure the phone feel. The thickness of the coating is less than one thousandth of the hair, and it does not affect the reading effect.

Super - sense mobile phone waterproof membrane has also played a radiation - proof, dust - proof function. The super breathability of nanomaterials ensures the normal cooling function of mobile phones. The staff told the reporter, nowadays many enterprises are emphasizing its waterproof function, but ignored the super sense of mobile phone waterproof membrane environmental protection performance. In fact, environmental protection has been a detail that any industry should pay attention to, only in line with the requirements of environmental protection performance of the super-sense waterproof membrane to ensure sales.