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Fire Retardant Nonwoven

Jan 19, 2017

The main ingredient is polyester flame retardant polyester non-woven fabric, polyester fiber is fiber, or diethyl terephthalate Terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol is product of polymerization. Features are as follows: high strength, good elasticity, good heat resistance, smooth surface, good wear resistance, good light resistance, corrosion, staining was worse. Their mechanism mainly to add flame retardant, flame retardants are additives for a material, generally used in polyester plastics, textiles, added to the polyesters by improved ignition or prevent combustion of materials to achieve the purpose of the flame retardant, so as to improve the fire safety of materials.

Flame retardants are divided into many kinds of halogen-free flame retardant agent, organic phosphorus and phosphorus-halogen flame retardant agent and intumescent flame retardant and inorganic flame retardants. At present is mostly used in halogen-free flame retardants of brominated flame retardants.

Propylene as raw material for polypropylene fiber is a synthetic fiber features: high wet strength and dry strength, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Rayon belongs to regenerated cellulose fiber, good Hygroscopicity, breaking strength than cotton small, environmentally friendly, nontoxic, price is higher than other fiber characteristics.

Fire retardant nonwoven fabrics classified according to the technology of fire-retardant needle cotton hot air and flame retardant cotton. Fiber after cotton flame retardant needle by needle puncture is tangled together; after lapping, the flame retardant cotton is mainly of hot air hot air furnace to form. Both products have their own characteristics, common is fire retardant, lightweight, warm, durable, environmentally friendly.