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Development And Regeneration Of Building Materials

Jun 05, 2017

    Ecological building materials and other new building materials in the concept of the main difference is that ecological building materials is a concept of system engineering, can not just look at the production or use of a link in the process. The evaluation of the coordination of the material environment depends on the interval being examined or the boundary set.

    Domestic and foreign finishing touch in the emergence of a variety of known as the ecological building materials of new building materials, such as the use of waste or urban waste production of "ecological cement" and so on. But if there is no systematic engineering point of view, the design and production of building materials may be reflected in one aspect of the "green" and in other areas is "black", the evaluation is inevitably missed or even misleading.Building Material

    High-performance ceramic materials may be difficult to dispose of waste, building polymer materials are often difficult to degradation, composite building materials due to the composition of the complex to bring the difficulty of recycling; clay ceramic concrete block light, high strength, thermal insulation and fire performance Good, but its production requires higher energy consumption; steel doors and windows than steel windows and aluminum windows are more durable and better thermal insulation performance, but it contains high energy costs and waste disposal will have a serious burden on the environment; Shaft kiln cement may also be considered to be better than the environment of the rotary kiln cement because of its small energy consumption, and even to the "black" of the cement industry due to the release of greenhouse gas CO2, The cement concrete is used in the process of natural carbonation processes to absorb CO2. Production of 1 ton of cement clinker, due to coal and limestone decomposition of the release of about 1 ton of CO2, in addition to coal-released CO2 (about 40%), cement burning calcium carbonate decomposition of the amount of CO2 released in the slow carbonation The process is fully absorbed by cement concrete.Building Material

    In order to comprehensively evaluate the environmental coordination performance of building materials, it is necessary to adopt the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The life cycle assessment method is a method of environmental pollution, energy and resource consumption and resource impact in the entire life cycle of the material. Although there are some monographs introduced and have entered the ISO international standards, for building materials, LCA is still a research and development methods.Building Material

    In the development of ecological building materials, many researchers at home and abroad focus on environmental protection and ecological balance theory design and manufacture of new building materials, such as non-toxic decorative materials, green paint, the use of living and industrial waste production of building materials, And antibacterial antibacterial building materials, low temperature or no-burning cement, soil ceramics and so on. The author believes that from the macro point of view, China's development of ecological building materials, the focus of this stage should be on the introduction of resources and environmental awareness, the use of high-tech on the dominant position of traditional building materials for environmental coordination, as soon as possible to improve the building materials industry resources In fact, to improve the environmental performance of traditional building materials is not the exclusion of the development of new ecological building materials, but the aforementioned development of ecological building materials, one of the important elements and methods.