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Characteristics Of Building Materials

Jul 06, 2017

               Materials used in building materials are collectively referred to as building materials. New types of building materials include a wide range of insulation materials, thermal insulation, high-strength materials, breathable materials are new materials. Building materials are collectively used in civil engineering and construction.Building Material

                The scientific and authoritative definition of ecological building materials is still in the research and determination stage. The concept of ecological building materials comes from eco-environmental materials. The definition of eco-environmental materials is still being identified. The main characteristics of the first is to conserve resources and energy, and secondly, to reduce environmental pollution, to avoid global warming and the destruction of the ozone layer, and the third is easy to recycle and reuse. As an important branch of eco-environmental materials, according to its meaning ecological building materials should refer to the production, use, waste and recycling of materials in accordance with the ecological environment to meet the minimum resources and energy consumption, minimum or no environmental pollution, best use performance, the highest recycling requirements design and production of building materials. It is clear that such environmental coordination is a concept of relativity and development.Building Material

                Ecological building materials and other new building materials in the concept of the main difference is that the ecological building materials is a system engineering concept, can not only see the production or use of a link in the process. The evaluation of the coordination of the material environment depends on the interval or boundaries. The finishing touches at home and abroad in the emergence of a variety of new building materials called ecological building materials, such as the use of waste or municipal waste production of "ecological cement" and so on. However, if there is no system engineering view, the design of building materials may reflect in one aspect of the "green" and in other aspects is "black", the evaluation will inevitably lose bias or even misleading.Building Material