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Characteristics And Effects Of PE Breathable Film

Jun 16, 2017

   Nano-sized microporous olefin permeable membrane is a nano-technology, through a special formula and stretch into the hole process development and production of new plastic film, compared with ordinary plastic film, with breathable impermeable, high tensile strength, texture Soft and so on. Mainly used in women's sanitary napkins, baby diapers, medical disposable anti-fouling products; agricultural products of fresh bags, fruit fruit sets and other environmental protection, defense industry and other fields. With breathable, translucent, anti-pest, anti-pesticide pollution Efficacy, can promote fruit growth, help protect the health of consumers. A new generation of breathable film. It is PE as the carrier, adding CaCO3 after forming the tensile treatment, so that the breathable film has a unique microporous structure, these high-density distribution in the film surface of the special structure of the pores, both to block the leakage of liquid, but can So that water vapor and other gas molecules through, and thus have a "breathable and impermeable" function. As a result, women's sanitary napkins, baby diapers in the absorbent core layer of water vapor can be discharged through the breathable membrane, so that the skin more dry. At the same time, breathable film also has a soft, low noise, non-toxic, white and high purity characteristics.PE Breathable Film At present, in Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries in the Far East, and China's Hong Kong and Taiwan have been widely in women, babies, adult incontinence and other health supplies on the use of breathable film for the film. Within the mainland of China, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards in recent years, the production and use of breathable film is also increasing year by year. People on the protection of maternal and child health problems also have a higher update requirements. It is expected that the use of breathable membranes in the field of health care and hygiene supplies has become an inevitable trend.PE Breathable Film   In the country, due to the relatively hot weather in summer, the market most of the sanitary napkins and diapers are widely used non-breathable film, use it to feel more uncomfortable (some users may appear skin irritation, allergies or diaper rash and other phenomena) , Resulting in the use of these users in the summer when the use of or simply stop using these health care products. However, in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and even China's Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions, due to maternal and child care products and adult incontinence care products are widely used breathable film, people in use when the weather will not feel uncomfortable , It will not change the habit of using these hygiene care products. Therefore, in today's increasingly polluted earth, people protect the environment, concerned about the health of human voice is getting higher and higher, we as involved in the manufacture of personal hygiene care products manufacturers should live close to life, and actively guide the consumer market, to continuously improve and improve People's quality of life and work. Our slogan is: healthy life, starting from BB. The meaning of this sentence is: human beings should cultivate good health habits from childhood, concerned about the living environment and the health of the body, from small start, from small start.PE Breathable Film