Printed Lamination Breathable Protective PE Backsheet Film for Diaper Backsheet

Product Details

Printed lamination breathable protective pe backsheet film for diaper backsheet

Pe film have the special physical performance as well as the particular surface and touching feeling of soft, gently and smooth.

PE FILM can be separated into normal grade, middle grade and high grade.With different qualities, the prices are different.THe better quality is, the better elongation of the products's MD and CD are, and the handfeeling will be better.

1.PE film is mainly used as back sheet and packing materials in sanitary napkin, panty liners,

2.we can provide you more than 10 kinds of different pattern products, meanwhile , can develop products for exclusive supply as required

3.It is very soft and comfortable

4.Exqusite pattern design makes it more delicate,more favorable by the ladys aesthetic taste and consumer psychology

PE film :

Basis weight: 14-30g/m2

Width: less than 2.2 m

Diameter: 400-440 mm

20, FT: 13-15T

Embossed PE film :

Basis weight: 20-30g/m2

Width: less than 2.2 m Diameter: 400-440 mm

20, FT: 11.5-13.5T

Liminated PE film :

Basis weight: 26-40g/m2

Width: less than 1.6m