PE Baby Diaper And Women's Sanitary Napkins With PE Breathable Film

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PE Baby Diaper And  Women's Sanitary Napkins With PE Breathable Film

 PE film is one of the main raw material for baby diaper, adult diaper, sanitary napkin, nappies, underpads. Polyethylene (PE) film, non breathable film used in nappies, baby diapers, adult diapers, sanitary napkins. We can produce 16 to 80 gsm Film on request. We are also provide OEM service 

 -- There are many advantages, such as non-toxic ,odorless,corrosion-resistant, tear-resistant, At low and high temperature flexibility, easy to break down, recycle, waste treatment will not cause harm to human beings and environment.

 -- PE film can be separated into normal grade, middle grade and high grade. With different qualities, the prices are different. The better quality is, the better elongation of the products's MD and CD are, and the handfeeling will be better.

Types of diaper film:

PE Film(Cast film):

Polyethylene Film

Breathable Film:

Breathable Lamination Film:

Breathable Film+Hydrophobic Nonwoven

Lamination Film

PE Film+Hydrophobic Nonwoven


1.Excellent water proof performance 

2.Best physical function 

3.Non-toxic, tasteless and harmless to human   

4.Soft and silk hand feeling 

5.Excellent pringting performance

PE film :

Basis weight: 16-60g/m2

Width: less than 1.6m

Diameter: 400-440 mm