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Waterproof breathable membrane characteristics

Jan 19, 2017

Waterproof breathable membrane in building envelope systems and unique features:

1, waterproof breathable membrane gas tightness: waterproof breathable membrane overlay in addition to insulation, the entire building coated, effectively strengthening the air tightness of the building, thereby reducing air leakage and convective heat loss.

United States national standard and Technology Institute (NIST) on strengthening building gas key sex and building energy of effect for has research, and Yu 2005 released has entitled commercial building enclosure structure gas key sex for HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) energy using effect of survey report showed that, using waterproof breathable film and not used waterproof breathable film of building heating and refrigeration energy costs save rate up can up 40% around.

2, waterproof breathable membrane water permeability

Waterproof breathable membrane excellent waterproof performance, tight-coated, rain erosion and protection of buildings against moisture. Effective building insulation and durability, making the building more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly.

Under the auspices of the State construction engineering quality supervision and inspection center, waterproof breathable membrane with netting plastering exterior insulation system for thermal testing. Test results showed that the waterproof breathable membrane combined with three-centimeter layer of air, its thermal resistance up to 0.307, or set out in the civil code for design of thermal GB50176 of equal thickness twice times the thermal resistance of the air, 43% of the EPS insulation boards, insulation effect.