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Waterproof breathable membrane

Jan 19, 2017

Waterproof vapor film (breathing paper) is a new type of polymer waterproof material. Speaking from the production process, water vapor membrane waterproofing material technical requirements of high and from a quality perspective, water vapor film also has other functional characteristics of waterproof material does not have.

Waterproof breathable membrane works:

In a State of water vapor and water particles are very small, according to the principle of capillary movement, you can successfully penetrate into the capillary tube to the other, which occurs through the steam. After when water vapor condenses into water droplets and particles become larger, due to the surface tension of water (water molecules to each other "pulls the counterweight"), water molecules will not smooth out drops into the other side, which prevents the penetration of water, steam turbine membranes with waterproof feature.