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Traditional material compound innovation is the trend of development in the future

Sep 18, 2017

The fiber reinforced composite material is not only the key to high technology and cutting-edge technology, and materials are cars, new energy, new materials, information industry, petroleum chemical industry, environmental protection and other areas of upgrading and industrial upgrading in the. Facing the energy crisis and the shortage of resources, fiber reinforced composites have ushered in new opportunities for development." In Beijing, in the days before the convening of the nineteenth session of the international Chinese composite industrial technology exhibition, exhibition of domestic and foreign enterprises on the new materials industry, issued the above forecast.

Carbon fiber, as a leader of special high performance synthetic fiber, has the fastest development in the world. It has been widely used in the high-end field because of its characteristics similar to those of traditional reinforced fibers. Over the years, the overseas manufacturer of carbon fiber Chinese has been optimistic about the sustained growth of the market, the exhibition, the world famous carbon fiber manufacturing enterprises in Dongli, MITSUBISHI, Toho, Zoltek, Hearst, SGL, Formosa, Hyosung enterprises have demonstrated high performance carbon fiber prepreg, distinctive products and. Turkey DOWAKSA, which is active in the global carbon fiber market, is the largest producer of Polyacrylonitrile and carbon fiber in the world. It was first introduced this year. It is understood that its sales in China were above 1500 tons in 2012.

Chinese unsaturated polyester resin Industry Association Deputy Secretary General Zhao Honghan said that over the years, the development of China's carbon fiber has become the bottleneck of domestic carbon fiber composite material development, formed a deep processing of imported carbon fiber, domestic restricted pattern. To catch up with the pace of development of the world's carbon fiber, the country currently has more than 30 companies in the research and development and application, and the formation of Dalian, Weihai, Lianyungang [0.29% funding research report], Harbin, Yixing, Dongguan, Ningbo, Beijing, Shanghai and other carbon fiber processing and manufacturing base. According to relevant data, in 2012, the global carbon fiber demand is about 60 thousand tons, the production capacity is 100 thousand tons, and the Chinese demand is 6000 tons. An information agency predicts that by 12% of the growth rate, it will reach 80 thousand tons by 2020. On display at the show the other high performance fiber and aramid fiber manufacturers worldwide famous Teijin chemicals and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber (UHMWPE) relative to the manufacturer's dsm.

At this exhibition, some super thin and ultra light composite samples appeared, and the sound was as crisp as steel. "Lightweight design, lightweight materials" is the focus of every exhibition. This exhibition, Chinese and foreign enterprises launched dozens of lightweight structural material, aluminum honeycomb, aramid honeycomb, paper honeycomb, balsa balsa, 3D glass fiber fabric, foam obturator structure." Zhao Honghan pointed out that when the lightweight design of FRP meets its material performance limit, the sandwich structure and nano material will greatly change the original mechanical performance system. Take the European high-speed train as an example, a large amount of 3D woven phenolic foam structure is adopted on the inner wall sandwich.

The trend of future development is to combine traditional materials with new ones, to promote the application level and to broaden the scope of application.  According to relevant sources, the foam sandwich structure is towards the micropore, high strength, thin, low oil development. Hebei Tak new energy vehicles Limited by Share Ltd to develop new energy, lightweight cars and accessories for the first time to participate in and try. The company, which features an annual capacity of 200 thousand electric vehicles, has introduced a German composite production line that will bring various lightweight automotive parts into the market.

"Everything is ready except one crucial element." This is a common sigh of many exhibitors and visitors this time. "Everything" is a reflection of our country has become the world's largest market for application of fiber reinforced composite materials, glass fiber reinforced composite materials accounted for 99% of the total domestic; the national economic transformation and upgrading to speed up the development of new materials industry in general, FRP composite materials has been entered in the field of the civil industry, played a high strength, energy saving and emission reduction, energy development, green building, environmental protection industry an important role; glass fiber reinforced composite materials through the application of 50 years history of the development in Chinese, many experts said the show, "wind" is used to describe our design and innovation lag. A large number of small and medium-sized glass fiber reinforced plastic enterprises lack professional and technical personnel, lack of material mechanics and mechanical and electrical professionals, enterprises can not form market-oriented, commanding the technical development team.

Some exhibitors technology official said, in the face of the opportunity, in promoting the quality of the material at the same time, we must vigorously carry out with design, process, standard, with application into enterprises, into the market, implementation of FRP composite materials on the middle and lower reaches of the close combination and interaction, so that the whole industry transition from extensive to intensive.