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How to identify genuine and fake waterproof breathable membrane

Jan 19, 2017

1. Laboratory testing

Testing items: a. Temperature resistant b. water vapor by volume (that is, air permeability) c. Hydrostatic pressure d. resistance to ageing

Real waterproof breathable membrane is not combined with glue, so the temperature is-40,100 (European Union CE standard, United States ASTM standards). Nor the production of polyethylene or TPO coated, so air permeability shall be more than 1500g/square/24 hours, polyethylene or TPO coated production that is essentially airtight. Hydrostatic testing, thin waterproof breathable membrane of hydrostatic pressure of at least 1.5 m above the thick waterproof breathable membrane for at least 2 meters. Anti aging is a must, because PP material under ultraviolet light is easy to aging, some fake poor waterproof breathable membrane is made of recycled material production, this waterproof, breathable membrane degradation in the construction process easy.

2. Simple hands-on testing

The surface, waterproof breathable membrane on both sides have a clear pressure point, that is because production is by hot press compound, please note that is not a point pattern of non-woven fabric itself, but obviously overlapping lines. RIP waterproof breathable membrane, first of all, a polymer layer in the middle layer should be creamy white soft layer of waterproof and breathable layer, because it is by hot press compound, this layer should keep pressure point above. In addition, nonwovens and membranes with hand pressure, if there is a sticky feel, then it can be concluded that this is a hot-melt Adhesive, it is hypocrisy waterproof breathable membrane. Because hot melt adhesion even at room temperature, and soon the three-layer material would bubble layering, automatically split.