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Breathable membrane properties

Jan 19, 2017

Also known as waterproof and breathable membrane of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethene, commonly known as "non-stick coating" or "non-sticky materials"; used fluorinated polyethylene is a synthetic polymer for all hydrogen atoms in materials. This material has a resistance to acid and alkali, organic solvent characteristics, almost insoluble in all solvents. Meanwhile, waterproof breathable membrane has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, its extremely low coefficient of friction, so it can be used for lubrication, while also became the ideal of Yi Jiehuo and pipe lining coating.

Waterproof breathable membrane (abbreviated as Teflon or [PTFE,F4]), which are known as and commonly known as "plastics King", Chinese name "Teflon" and "Teflon" (Teflon), "Teflon", "Fu long", "Thai Teflon" and so on. It is by tetrafluoroethylene by aggregate and into of polymer, has excellent of chemical stability, and resistance corrosion sex (is today world Shang resistance corrosion performance best material one of, except melting metal sodium and liquid fluoride outside, ability other all chemical drug, in aqua regia in the boiling also not up changes, widely application Yu various need anti-acid alkali and organic solvent of), and sealed sex, and high lubrication not viscous, and electric insulation sex and good of anti-aging endurance, and resistance temperature excellent (can in + 250 ℃ to-180 ℃ of temperature Xia long-term work).