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Breathable film industry classification

Jan 19, 2017

Building materials

In the construction industry, steam waterproof breathable membrane also known as waterproof membrane. Divided into standard waterproof breathable membrane, roof waterproof breathable membrane, sloping roofs GM waterproof breathable membrane.

Automotive exterior lighting

Cars are widely used in modern society, will encounter different weather and road conditions during transport. Lights are always exposed to the external environment, dust, snow, road debris and dirt will affect the lighting of lamps, thus affecting vehicle safety. Slump in external temperatures will lower the pressure inside, making the equipment easy to inhale pollutants and increase the fog, resulting in lamp failure. Product can give lights to provide lasting protection against external moisture, dust, grease and other dirt intrusion. While products unique ventilation with pressure for gas exchange, so as to decrease the pressure on seal and prolong the service life of the product.

1. lower the headlights fog

Effective ventilation can drastically reduce fogging, reduction of maximum 50%

General installation method reduces the complexity of product design

Reliable performance, reduce test cost

2. tail lights, fog lights and supplementary lights pressure balance

Car waterproof breathable membrane performance and unique design you can save costs in every aspect of the manufacturing:

Seal design costs, shell reduced use of materials, thereby reducing the cost of tooling design and

Breathable design does not build up pressure, sealant and adhesive spot curing can be used, reducing Assembly time