< KINGWAY> Water Resistant Vapour Penetration Membrane

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Product Details

< KINGWAY> Water Resistant Vapour Penetration Membrane 

Products characteristics and function

  KINGWAY breathable membrane has excellent performance at water resistance, high vapour permeability, Good performance at UV resistance and 100% recyclable polymer materials, fit the ecologist requirements. 

  Water tightness of "KINGWAY" breathable membrane: Thanks to the prominent waterproof performance, "Complon" breathable membrane can wrap building tightly, protect the building from corrosion of water vapour and rain, guarantee good insulation performance and well durability of building enable the building to be more energy conservation and environmental protection. 

  Permeability of "KINGWAY" breathable membrane: "KINGWAY" breathable membrane paves outside of the insulation system, enable the water vapour inside the insulation system to exhaust, solve the condensation problem, protect the insulation system. 

  Reduce construction cost: "KINGWAY" breathable membrane can protect the insulation system, saving the fine concrete or the film waterproofing materials which regularly paved on top of insulation system so that to reduce the construction cost. 

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